June 30, 2016


Music of five centuries and three premieres: results of the Xth Diaghilev Festival

The anniversary X International Diaghilev Festival closes with the traditional concert of the Festival orchestra. The enlarged orchestra musicAeterna under Teodor Currentzis will perform Symphony No. 6 by Mahler.

The two-week Festival presented 25 events of the main programme, 20 events of the educational programme and more than 150 events in the Festival Club. More than 14 thousand people attended 16 concerts, 4 operas, 3 ballets, 2 exhibitions and the poetic evening. The list of events includes the world premieres of the choral opera "Tristia" and the work of Alexander Khubeev "Game over" for two string quartets and a piano, the premiere of "La Traviata" of the director Robert Wilson and the conductor Teodor Currentzis. In total there have been 70 hours of music of the composers belonging to five different centuries, ranging from Cipriano de Rore to Leonid Desyatnikov. Events with free admission in the Festival Club and the private Philharmonia "Triumph" were attended by more than 12 thousand people.

Participants and guests of the Festival were representing more than 12 countries, such as: Argentina, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Russia, USA, France, Switzerland and others.

This is the first time the educational programme has become an important part of the Festival involving 45 student from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Ekaterinburg and even from China. Master classes to the pianists were given by Mikhail Mordvinov, Polina Osetinskaya, to violin players — by Alina Ibragimova, Tomas Zeitmeier, and Carolin Wiedmann, to conductors — by Teodor Currentzis.

The "Resonance" Award was given for the second time ( the award was established in 2014). The awards in 2016 were distributed in the following way:

Nomination "The best critical text":

• First prize — not given
• Second prize — text by Natalia Surnina "Seven circles of the Hell in a hotel room"
• Third prize — text by Aya Makarova "It is easier to destroy than to build". About the performance of Andrei Zholdak's "Eugene Onegin".

The authors received medals, diplomas and monetary prizes of 75000 and 50000 rubles (second and third prizes).

The Festival Club that highly proved itself previously, became three times bigger during the X Diaghilev Festival. The space of the Club and the Dome housed nearly 150 events (compared to 60 events in 2015): lectures, discussions, meetings, showcases; programmes for children and families (nearly 400 children and adults took part in them). 150 people were keen on having yoga lessons, capoeira and jogging in the park. The coffee shop was at the public disposal set on the open terrace of the Club and the Festival's partner telecom operator dom.ru provided a free Internet access. It is about 2500 photos that were printed with the hashtag #diaghilevfest on Instaprinter. Within 14 festival days the Club has been visited by 12 500 people.

The project "The meeting point" made a sort of extraordinary achievement regarding cooperation with partners. Creation of its programme involved about 40 institutions: cultural and educational establishments, business companies, clubs and informal groups. 12 guides held 26 free exhibitions across the park for 315 participants, other 110 inquisitive citizens were taken for excursions within the "Personal vision" project. The virtual excursion across the park on the Maugry platform was downloaded more than 150 times.

The Diaghilev Festival has been brought to high attention of critics:

"The level of excitement in Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, where the Diaghilev Festival is taking its place these days, is unprecedented. Moscow visitors in the auditorium; there are twice more  Moscovites than the locals. No wonder why: Perm brings delight to Moscow snobs with daring innovations in the field of the music theatre by offering a sophisticated music menu on both, baroque and contemporary music". (Guylyara Sadykh-zade, "Vedomosti")

"The opening of the Diaghilev Festival in Perm gave the main opera premiere of the Russian theatre season. Such an extraordinary status of the premiere had been known long before the event itself as it couldn't have been otherwise - "La Traviata" by Verdi was directed by the great Bob Wilson! The Classic-reformer arrived in Perm together with his team, made compliments to Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre and even held an hour and a half meeting with the audience. The importance of the event had been in the air, all three performances were sold out, the audience in smart outfits was brought by planes and trains from different cities and countries. I have never seen such a raptures reaction of the audience, screening and whistling upon the end of the performance, before. (Ekaterina Biryukova, colta.ru)

"Every year Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre and other organizers of the festival commit a courageous action that might be compared to the actions of Diaghilev himself, bringing to Perm the best works from the world of music and music theatre. This year the festival accentuates also the broad educational programme" (Buro 24/7)

The Festival is moving towards its end. However, it will remind of itself the end of summer:as from August 16, the video version of "La Traviata" of Teodor Currentzis and Robert Wilson will be broadcast in the cinemas.

The work on the programme of the next year festival has already started. The XI International Diaghilev Festival will be in Perm from 10 to 21 of May, 2017. 


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