May 14, 2017


Maxim Reshetnikov: «During the Diaghilev Festival Perm becomes the cultural capital of the whole world»

Dear friends,

I am delighted to welcome you to Perm — a city which traditionally becomes the cultural capital of the whole world every year during the Diaghilev Festival. Moreover, it is a destination for major professionals and connoisseurs of different trends and art genres.

The Diaghilev Festival has long been seen not merely as a cultural event, but rather as a cultural phenomenon. The city turns into a unique space, in which a special atmosphere ― a truly inspirational one ― reigns throughout.

Every year different traditions of performance and genres are intertwined, bold experiments are conducted, new ideas and creative unions are born. Worldwide premieres and retrospective shows are held, the works of leading Russian and foreign masters are performed. I am sure that this year each and every one of us are bound to discover new names and events.

The Diaghilev Festival surprises, excites, inspires. No one can fail to be moved by it. I wish all festival participants and spectators and hope people come away full of the most vivid, unforgettable emotions and long-lasting impressions.

Maxim Reshetnikov,

Acting Governor of the Perm Territory 


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