May 14, 2017


Teodor Currentzis: «This year the Diaghilev Festival focuses on an educational component in its broadest sense»

This year the Diaghilev Festival focuses on an educational component in its broadest sense. The festival brings together very different outstanding artists and performers each of whom leaves their unique, remarkable imprint on art. The collaboration between these artists creates an intense and fascinating field for young people who are eager to develop; it creates access to information and food for thought and creation. The educational programme is a key instrument to achieving this: there are more participants this year than last, and I hope next year the programme’s reach will extend even further.

The Diaghilev Festival is a field for experiments.  For me there is nothing more beautiful than the moment when music ceases to be just a pleasant sound and instead becomes an action, a mysterial dedication. To attend a concert right beneath the dome of a cathedral, to see the first light which goes onto shine in parallel with the music, the listener needs to have very compelling inner reasons. At that stage, the concert stops being just a concert, it becomes a milestone in that person’s life, and this is very important for me.

The Diaghilev Festival should span the whole city ― it is very important that it does so. This coverage is enabled by a large number of venues which also allow for horizons in art to be broadened in addition to attracting new audiences. We want to reach out to every spectator in Russia. Because the art on display at the Diaghilev Festival is vital in terms of its capacity to aid in the development of our fellow citizens, as well as inspire them.

This festival is dedicated to the memory of my close friend and companion Oleg Romanovich Levenkov who was still with us when we started preparing this festival's programme; indeed, we worked on some of it together. Oleg will always be a part of the theatre and the festival, he will always be dear to our hearts and shall continue to inspire us and contribute to all our artistic plans.

Teodor Currentzis,

Artistic Director of the International Diaghilev Festival


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