May 16 / tue 21:00-22:00

The AquaSonic underwater concert by Between Music (Denmark)


by Between Music

The AquaSonic underwater concert by Between Music takes the audience on a unique and fascinating voyage into uncharted territory. The work presents five performers who submerge themselves in glass water tanks to play custom-made instruments and sing entirely underwater. Transformed inside these darkly glittering, aquatic chambers, they produce compositions that are both eerily melodic and powerfully resonant.

The groundbreaking work of getting a five piece band to play and perform under water highlights the deeply passionate and slightly mad inventor mindset that drives Between Music. The creation of the work has required years of experimentation and countless test-runs in close collaboration with everything from dedicated deep-sea divers to imaginative instrument makers and brilliant scientists – people driven by the same urge to break new ground and challenge existing worldviews.

This has led to the development of a number of highly peculiar underwater instruments such as hydraulophone, violin, electromagnetic harp, chimes and percussion, as well as a distinctive vocal technique for underwater singing. The result is a concert experience out of the ordinary; a deep dive into a compelling visual universe and a new world of sound. It is organic, raw, aesthetic - and deeply original. AquaSonic is brimming with curiosity and fascination with the unknown that permeates the water tanks and waves in over the audience.

AquaSonic is created by Between Music:

Artistic Director, Composer, and Performer: Laila Skovmand
General Manager and Performer: Robert Karlsson
Performer: Morten Poulsen
Performer: Dea Marie Kjeldsen
Performer: Nanna Bech
Lighting Designer: Adalsteinn Stefansson
Sound Designer: Anders Boll
Stage Manager: Claus Madsen
Sound Engineer: Roman Komar

International producer and representation: FuturePerfect Productions

Producer, fundraiser: Line Nordentoft

FuturePerfect Productions is a New York-based interdisciplinary production company creating dialogues between the fields of live performance, media, visual art and technology. FuturePerfect is the International Producer and Representation for AquaSonic.

AquaSonic is co-produced by Aarhus 2017 European capital of Culture

AquaSonic is supported by Danish Arts Foundation, Aarhus Kommune, DJBFA

Age category: 12+


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