May 20 / mon 23:00-01:00

Piano gala


Performed by Polina Osetinskaya, Alexei Lubimov, Vadym Kholodenko

The musicians gather in the House of Diaghilev at midnight to play their favourite pieces almost in the darkness, the space illuminated by just a few small lamps. The audience has no idea of the programme content right up until the concert finale. The premiere of the chamber project Piano-gala took place at the Diaghilev Festival in 2012. Ever since then it has remained a firm fixture on the programme to the point at which it would be seen as unthinkable not to include this brand-name meditation concert.

The uniqueness of music of Polina Osetinskaya is in its flexibility. Real connoisseurs of the piano music playing will see it as an example of brilliant virtuosity, equally manifesting itself both in the most complicated solo pieces and magnificent scores for piano and orchestra. Those for whom the soul of the musician, his emotions and feelings are valuable, cannot but be inspired by the exciting, sometimes gentle, then anxious story about the adventures of this soul, which find their expressions through the sounds. The admirers of intellectualism with high enthusiasm will follow the sophisticated and often paradoxical structure of her concert programmes, the interchanging of different compositions, the dialogue of the composers through centuries and lands, performed by this virtuoso player. Finally, elegance, colossal charm, and scenic charisma mesmerize everyone. The combination of these features makes Polina Osetinskaya one of the incontrovertible leaders of her generation of pianists.

Alexei Lubimov’s play is romantically expressive and classically balanced; while listening, one experiences the double pleasure of anxious perception and calm conception. On the one hand, what really amazes is the rich variety of details which liven up under his fingers being penetrated by the subjective expressiveness. On the other hand, the true and real harmony of the growing one whole astonishes, since not only the ‘spirit’ but also the ‘letter’ of the style are honoured — all the subtleties (as it turns out again, for the millionth time!) are embedded in the music text, one needs just to look with a fresh eye and an unbiased thought…A huge amount of musical, literary and philosophical knowledge, passing through the individuality of this musician (exceedingly disciplined, free of ambitions and superman manners), are melted into a precious fusion of depth and simplicity.’(Alfred Schnittke)

‘One of Vadym Kholodenko’s two most notable qualities as a pianist are his stunning ringing tone, which allows him to leave notes hanging in the air longer than the physics of acoustics would suggest is possible. The other is an opposite crisp and spectacular digital speed… There is little doubt that he is a pianist of stature.’ (Los Angeles Times)


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