May 26 / sun 17:00-18:40

Brass Ensemble

Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner, Ennio Morricone, Václav Trojan


Trumpet: Matthias Höfs
Trumpet: Pavel Kurdakov
Trumpet: Zhassulan Abdykalykov
Trumpet: Manuel Mischel
French horn: Stanislav Avik
French horn: Aleksandr Martsynkevich
Trombone: Gerard Costes
Trombone: Andrei Saltanov
Bass trombone, euphonium: Vladimir Kishchenko
Tuba: Ivan Svatkovskii
Percussion: Roman Romashkin
Percussion: Konstantin Grachev 

The programme includes works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Wagner, Jacques Offenbach, Giuseppe Verdi, and others.

It is a great tradition to come to the Festival with your own projects and to search for the concept to unify them in one collaborative programme right on-the-spot. In Perm brass players have such an amazing opportunity — this year they gather together again to be united in the Diaghilev Festival brass ensemble.

This time the concept of the concert is ‘Professor and his Students.’ The idea got its birth in relation to the visit of the Professor from Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, the trumpet player Matthias Höfs. Among the participants of the festival brass ensemble there are musicians who worked with him personally, and those who followed his work as the member of the German Brass ensemble: ‘Alchemists who morph copper into gold,’ such a colourful description was given to this legendary German ensemble for the special charm, dynamics and magnificence of the sound of the brass instruments. The audience of the Diaghilev Festival will hear the real magic of sound, promise the musicians.

The programme contains the works of four centuries. The virtuosi of brass instruments will show the slice of the German Baroque and late Romantic period, legendary film music and Broadway classics. The essential part of the compositions will be performed in arrangements, prepared by the musicians of the ensemble themselves, including Matthias Höfs.

Traditionally at the end of the concert we expect encore. Keeping the name of the final composition a secret, the musicians, however, can promise: the audience will recognize it from the first notes. 


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