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Hammerschlag / A Hammer Blow

Performance by Ammer & Einheit
Performed in Russian, German, and English 

On the texts of Pachka Orderov (A Packet of Orders) by Aleksei Gastev with a Prolog, a noise orchestra interlude, and an Epilog

How to make music?
In his Order 06 the Russian avant-garde poet Aleksei Gastev made a proposal:

Turn Asia to D
E strings to the centre of the Earth
keep the noise of a vulcano for half a year.

In their piece Hammerschlag Andreas Ammer & FM Einheit (Ex-Einstürzende Neubauten) try to get as close as possible to Gastev’s Pachka Orderov (A Packet of Orders) from 1921.

Aleksei Gastev (1882-1939) was a Russian revolutionary, poet and scientist. He was the founder of the Central Institute of Labour (CIT), dealing with Psychotechnics and the Organisation of Work, which he considered a Gesamtkunstwerk. He was also called the ‘Bard of the Machine Age,’ because he wrote futuristic poems like We Are Built From Iron and the famous Pachka Orderov (A Packet of Orders), which are the main topic ofHammerschlag.


Andreas Ammer
Rica Blunck
FM Einheit
Saskia von Klitzing
Volker Kamp

Stage, costumes: Stephanie Geiger
Choreographer: Rica Blunck
Chorus master: Anton Bagrov

Production Assistants: Lucia Bochow, Elke Link
Interpreter: Rosemarie Tietze


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