23.12 / th / 13:00—16:00

Workshop for dancers by Peeping Tom

Private Philharmonia Triumph
Performers of the Belgian theatre company Peeping Tom, who presented the Dyptych: The Missing Door and The Lost Room at the Diaghilev Festival last summer, will give a master class to professional dancers interested in performing at the junction of physical, musical, and drama theatres.

Admission is by registration lists (without spectators)
Teodor Currentzis. Opera conducting masterclass.
Образовательная программа (англ) 24.12 / fr / 15:00—17:00

Teodor Currentzis. Opera conducting masterclass.

Perm Opera


Teodor Currentzis will give a masterclass on opera conducting. Together with young conductors and singers he will be working on opera arias. musicAeterna orchestra will also take part in the activity.
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