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THESIS TRIO (Greece): Alpha F

Private Philharmonic Triumph

Alpha F
vocal chamber music of the contemporary Greek composers

Irini Tsirakidis, mezzo-soprano
Yiorgos Kaloudis, cello, classical Cretan lyra, arrangements
Dimitra Kokkinopoulou, piano

Yiannis Constantinidis (1903–1984)
Songs from The Twenty Songs of the Greek People (1937–1947)
I grab stones and rocks
Castle of Monemvasia
It is hardly dawn, to be weaken up
Late last night, I came
Yesterday, I set off to come
Nikos Skalkottas (1904–1949)
Tender Melody for cello and piano, AK 65 (1949)
Stathis Giftakis (b.1967)
O Mistress mine, poetry of William Shakespeare
Amé desde hace tiempo, poetry of Pablo Neruda
Yiorgos Kaloudis (b.1973)
Trikymia for solo classical Cretan Lyra
Valerio Matola (b.1975)
Songs on the poetry of Angelos Sikelianos
The Suicide of Adjesivano

Thesis Trio is a project by three friends, a mezzo-soprano Irini Tsirakidis, a pianist Dimitra Kokkinopoulou and a cellist, composer and Classical Cretan Lyra virtuoso Yiorgos Kaloudis. Established in 2018, the trio is focusing on the performance of chamber compositions by modern Greek composers.
The programme Alpha F represents a collection of songs by major Greek composers of the 20th century, as well as music pieces by our contemporaries.

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