‘The Diaghilev festival is unique in a way that it is one of the few festivals in the post-Soviet region where each programme looks like a self-contained curatorial statement focused on synthetic, searching forms of theatre and music, with emphasis on everything outside traditional and expanding public's ideas about the form and content of performing arts’, writes press.

The same principal works for the programme of the Festival club, which is full of events expanding on the concept of Diaghilev festival and inviting various city communities into the space of festival life.

Festival club consists of several areas mixing educational and leisure formats. Club’s programme includes lectures of Russian and foreign experts in music and theatre, talks and meetings with festival participants, workshops for general public from Perm creative groups, original tours for citizens and guests of the city, as well as specially created programme for children, streamings of festival’s events, and retrospectives of fiction films by famous directors. 

The Club of the Diaghilev festival is a place where continuity between art leaders and new generation is established. It is a space of creative laboratory where new ideas and concepts are born, to find self sufficiency beyond the festival doors.

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