Selected quotes from the reviews of European media and critics about musicAeterna orchestra concerts

Die Welt, 20.01.2016
"A Mozart sound of rare truthfulness and density succeeds MusicAeterna in Andante middle movement. What a sophisticated delicacy, what loving airiness, what noble phrasing elegance and especially what narrative imagination and style of subtle chamber music intimacy exude the Russians there!"

Berliner Zeitung, 18.01.2016
"If Beethoven was indeed this frantically emotional man he is perceived as today, the rendition of his fifth symphony must have fully correlated with his personality. Brilliantly played, the range extends from frantic rage to frantic fury, a permanent mania that dissolves after the last chord into an outcry by the audience. Teodor Currentzis has closed the gap between classical and rock concert by classical means“.

Der Tagesspiegel, 18.01.2016
"Finally squeezed into auditorium, receives Currentzis, the magician, his audience: Pärt's "Psalom" as almost soundless meditation in the dark room, Biber's "Battalia" as aggressive art battle and Beethoven's Fifth, whose fury sweeps all pathos away. The Sasha Waltz dancers carry in a Bowie-line banner "The Sun Machine is coming down and we’re gonna have a party". One can be charming fibber indeed as Currentzis when he takes Kopatchinskaja as random from the audience. What they both do with Mozart's Fifth violin concerto goes far beyond over a flirt with the classics. Kopatchinskaja accomplishes here the feat to play a high-spirited bird on her violin and at the same time the cat that eats it. Cheers ans quick final. Two dancers dance for the afterparty".

Hamburger Abendblatt, 16.01.2016
"They still exist, the legendary figures of concert life. Even in times of ubiquitous availability of information, even today. Currentzis' rapid reaction force second to none at level and vitality of music-making. With an exciting grainy sound, perky phrasing and uncompromising expression Currentzis drives full risk and also an effort sometimes even more over the target".

De Volkskrant, 12.01.2016
"To something as trivial as beat time, the conductor spends little energy. Rehearsing on his Currentzis means a lot to talk. He talks about the "green sparkle" that he detects in the Andante. Signals a southern breeze, "that sometimes caresses the cheeks left, then right again." The conductor abandoned the buck and floats with arms like wings along the cellos. Currentzis declares the creativity of his people. He sends them tomuseums, movies and makes poetry evenings. Rehearsals can begin to meditate: eyes closed, countersink in yourself, feel the vibrations of the tone C. "A revolution is being done alone. Everyone is your enemy. My idea of a revolution is right for my enemies to make my friends. Jesus Christ was the first in history who said love your enemies. That goes against our instincts, but lies in man except some animal thing also something divine. I strive for that divine through music".

Kölnische Rundschau, 11.01.2016
“…enthusiastic standing ovations. No question, the concert with Teodor Currentzis and his orchestra MusicAeterna was an event and the conductor from icy Siberia, who is about to conquer classical music business as a new icon, is living up to his reputation".